We Build Websites For Small Business Owners

A Website Is Your 24/7 Communications Center

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, every business owner recognizes the critical value of having a website to improve their business potential but are hindered by a lack of time or technical capability. 

More often than not, a customer’s first impression is set by what they see on your website and how you interact with them online. It is crucial to have a well designed website as it will boost your professional credibility, grow your target customer base, and expand your company’s presence. 

We work with our clients to develop a website that fully represents their business and what they do.

Why Build A Website With VGx Design?

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Get Online

Let your clients see what you want them to see on your own personalized website


We focus on organized content to design solutions

your business needs for success.



• Establish a contact point on the web for customers to find you

• Grow your online presence and connect with customers

• Promote your products or services




This is your website address, think of it just as you

would an address for a business location.


Register a NEW domain name for

$10.99 / yr




This is the space where your website is located,

think of this as the building the business is housed in.


1 Year Plan – $10.95 / month

2 Year Plan – $9.95 / month

3 Year Plan – $7.95 / month



This is the style used to construct your website, 

think of this as the architecture.


We can help you

• Outline and Map Your Website

• Create & Manage Your Content

• Build and Customize Your Webpages

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